Wintz Company – Exposure and Experiences with Small Neighborhoods

Wintz Company has built over 200 homes over the past 30 years including two projects for which they have received the Gold Nugget Awards from the Pacific Coast Builders Conference for “Best Small Home Project”. Kamiak Cottages has been designed after the many beautiful courtyard projects that Wintz Company has studied first hand and as a result of the considerable influence and encouragement of Ross Chapin, architect.

Ross Chapin of Ross Chapin and Associates has been building, designing and promoting small neighborhoods, first in the Northwest but now across the country, for 25 years. Along with the Cottage Company, Ross Chapin has developed a number of successful “small neighborhood” projects around the Seattle area and now beyond. His work in this field has been featured in books published by the Urban Land Institute and he is the author of Pocket Neighborhoods – creating small scale community in a large-scale world.

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